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1. Overstock, Shelf-Pulls & Liquidations

We’re your sourcing pros. Our acquisition team works daily to get you the best deals on trendy clothing from major department stores and boutique labels. 

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Browse our unique offerings. We’re constantly replenishing our inventory with new merchandise to keep your sales channel diversified.

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Stock up on the latest styles at a fraction of wholesale costs. Orders are usually processed within 3-5 business days. Tracking information is emailed once your order ships.

We offer 3 different product categories


Has no defects and is 100% new


Slight signs of trying on,products without original packaging,or minor removable defects


Includes signs of use,repairable or unrepairable defects

Our Stock clothes and shoes are sold in small,medium and large bulks with up to

We classify our lots into three categories A,B or C depending on such factors as:

Product quality,packaging integrity,repairable/unrepairable defects.

The goods are price-differentiated on the basis of their respective grades.

A category clothes and shoes are 100% new without any defects.

B category is commonly known as the minor defect category with allmost all new items wich some of the items might have slight signs of trying on or products without original packaging.

C category lots are mostly with smaller or bigger defects such as signs of use,repairable or unrepairable defects without original packaging etc.

In the offers section you can find wholesale stock clothing offers of various      styles and categories.    

The Stock clothes prices are set per kilo or per Item. The minimum order quantity is 1 box(~25KG of Textiles or ~18 pairs of shoes)

Our textile product mixes and shoe mixes consist of 100% original branded items. 

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Best Value

With our brand mixes we bring the best value for our customers


We offer our expert support for our clients

Fast shipping

We can take care of shipping for you!

3000+m2 of storage

We have a lot to offer!

Who We Are & What We Do

We are European premier fashion liquidators. We offer assorted bundles of overstock, shelf-pulls and liquidations. We carry a huge, rotating inventory of trendy brands and styles at prices 90%+ below original retail!


I purchased my first box from Outletsupply.I Ordered Fashion Mix Box of 70 Items.I am so happy with my purchase.Everything I recieved is perfect for the upcoming season.The selection and quality of items is better than i expected.

– Artur B.

I am so thrilled that i took the plunge and tried your box mix!You seem to have better merchandise that the other offers i have tried.Thank you for helping me along the way,I will be ordering another in the next couple of weeks!

– Jelena A.

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Founders & Managing Directors

Kaspars Terauds(Middel) & Janis Muitinieks(Right)

Quality insurance from our founders

All the goods we offer are either in stock or available as samples in our warehouse. We offer good quality, a large selection and fast business transaction. Customers are welcome to view and inspect the goods in our warehouse.

We mix our inventory using a proven formula to ensure that each customer receives quality and the highest possible return on investment. We also offer to our customer, which are interested in large quantities, the opportunity to buy the products in the original mix which we receive from our suppliers.

In 2019 we have recycled and brought back over 500 tausend Units and growing in 2020.

We hope to grow our business with the right people in the industry and help each other to achieve even higher goals.

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